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Type Line Description
todo 280 Support for the optional a1 parameter introduced in Excel 2010


Type Line Description
todo 962 Cumulative distribution function
todo 1311 Warning. This implementation differs from the algorithm detailed on the MS web site in that $CumPGuessMinus1 = $CumPGuess - 1 rather than $CumPGuess - $PGuess This eliminates a potential endless loop error, but may have an adverse affect on the accuracy of the function (although all my tests have so far returned correct results).
todo 2060 Try implementing P J Acklam's refinement algorithm for greater accuracy if I can get my head round the mathematics (as described at)


Type Line Description
todo 92 Sanitize Rich-Text string (max. character count is 32,767)


Type Line Description
todo 1422 Autoshapes from twoCellAnchors!
fixme 1601 what if sheetname contains comma?
fixme 1604 what if sheetname contains exclamation mark?


Type Line Description
fixme 1000 what if sheetname contains comma?
fixme 1008 what if sheetname contains exclamation mark?
fixme 1035 what if sheetname contains comma?
todo 1088 Provide support for named values
fixme 4278 set $firstVisibleRow and $firstVisibleColumn
todo 4862 Investigate structure for .xls SHEETLAYOUT record as saved by MS Office Excel 2007
todo 6220 if cell range is just a single cell, should this funciton
todo 6394 external sheet support


Type Line Description
todo 202
todo 217
todo 233


Type Line Description
todo 566 use real error codes
todo 641 possible class value 0,1,2 check
todo 646 use real error codes
todo 662 use real error codes
todo 734 use real error codes
fixme 982 maximum possible value for Excel 5 (change this!!!)
fixme 984 this changes for BIFF8


Type Line Description
fixme 975 only using internal SUPBOOK record


Type Line Description
fixme 1330 !!!


Type Line Description
todo 1502 Same for columns